A worthwhile post...

What's this?

Every once in a while I read a post that really hits me. It might make me think, or make me feel hugged. It might even make me feel ridiculous, smart, or not alone. But whatever it does, it's worth a second glance and definitely worth sharing.

I'm going to add a sidebar feature under "And The Marquee Says..." which will read "A Worthwhile Post..." My hope is that I will spread some blog love and give due nods, props, and high-fives to the writers I stumble across without having any rules or strings attached.

If I ever feature your post, please feel free to grab a "This is Worthwhile" button. There's no obligation whatsoever. Do whatever floats your awesome writer's boat. My feelings won't be hurt if you don't use the button.

I'll also do individual codes for each blogger, because I want anyone who clicks on this button to come directly to the post that says why I think it's worthwhile.