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Every once in a while I read a post that really hits me. It might make me think, or make me feel hugged. It might even make me feel ridiculous, smart, or not alone. But whatever it does, it's worth a second glance and definitely worth sharing.

I'm going to add a sidebar feature under "And The Marquee Says..." which will read "A Worthwhile Post..." My hope is that I will spread some blog love and give due nods, props, and high-fives to the writers I stumble across without having any rules or strings attached.

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So, in that vein, I give you my first featured post, Cup, written by Brie at Capital Mom. Simple, touching, and straight-shooting it grabbed me on a day when I felt aimless and empty.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I used to be a glass half empty kind of girl.
I have worked hard to see it as half full.
Today it feels like someone drank all the milk.
I blame the kids.

It isn't just them, of course.
It is me too, but
The reluctance to nap when she is obviously tired,
The incessant, uncontrollable crying for twenty minutes
Where nothing I do comforts him,
The scene in Bridgehead because I won't let her out 0f the stroller
And the high pitched screaming that accompanies our immediate departure,
The lengthy talk out on the sidewalk about appropriate behaviour
And the importance of listening.
All that, plus the feeling that somehow I am doing everything wrong.

Those moments have drained my cup.

I am trying to refill it.
Back at home, help on hand,
I can pause and pour better moments into my cup.
The loving cuddles with the boy these last few days.
The joy they obviously take in playing with each other.
Her attempts to learn from those teaching moments we have together.

My cup was empty today.
Tomorrow it may overflow.
Filling it up, emptying it out.
These are my days.


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  1. Great post-I'm definitely going to have to check her out!

  2. That was a very beautiful post by Capital Mom, and I can very much relate!

  3. Such an accurate description of motherhood, and LIFE!

  4. What a beautiful poem...and it so accurately describes my life right now ~
    Thank you for sharing!