Fly on the Wall

For months now I've been wanting to open up my blog to others needing a place to vent, share, or otherwise espouse ideas they can't or won't in their own worlds. Be it because they have a certain image to uphold in the blogging community, don't have their own blogs, or just don't believe they can share with anyone in real life I'd like everyone to have, at least, the opportunity to get it out there.

Therefore, I am officially calling for readers of This is Worthwhile to use my platform as yours, completely anonymously (and safely) to share your thoughts and ideas.

Here's how it will work:
  1. Email me here with your submission.
  2. Let me know if you want to be posted anonymously, under a pseudonym, or as yourself.
  3. Likewise, you can submit your writing to me under whatever name you'd like as well.
  4. You can write about anything at all. Heavy, light, humorous, sad, political, whatever.
  5. I will only apply light editing to grammar, not content, so the writing is yours.

Above all else, I really want this to be a safe place for people who need it. I've gotten a lot of feedback from readers saying they wish they could share how they really feel about whatever, but they can't out of fear of judgment, ridicule, or criticism.

And it doesn't have to be all heavy stuff, although, that is certainly welcome.

So, hello! to all the would-be bloggers!! I'm really, really looking forward to this!

For the readers, there are some guidelines, as well:
  1. No mean, nasty, judgmental comments. They won't even be published.
  2. If you know the identity of the person posting, keep it to yourself.
  3. You may comment anonymously, as well. Just log out of Blogger and comment anonymously.
Ok, so I think that covers it. Since I've never done this before there may be things I'll have to tweak as we go along. I just want to say again that you have my counselor's promise to keep confidentiality. I can't even stand leaving the door cracked at the chiropractor's so that I can hear all about Mr. Bob's bad elbow let alone being the one who let someone else's cat out of the bag.

Yay! I'm so excited about this!!

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