I thought we had at least until college

I was folding laundry yesterday, mountains and mountains of it.  Hawk was happily running amok pulling laundry piles apart and running in circles whenever he caught his breath from me throwing him around like a rag doll (much to his extreme delight, of course).

I was concentrating on the task at hand when I realized he'd gotten quiet.

And then I saw why.

Isn't this supposed to happen on a dare freshman year??

He was triumphant with my pale green maternity panties (don't judge - they're THAT comfortable) slung around his neck like a warrior necklace.

There is nothing polished about being a parent. Nothing decorous, nothing serene, and definitely nothing sacred. Your every body part and accoutrement is a wonderland to discover, a veritable baby landscape of warrior necklaces and radio knobs.

I fucking love this job.


  1. Aahahah - that's so funny :) My little guy did ALMOST the same thing yesterday when I was folding laundry 'cept he was trying on my bra! Oh these kids :) Cute Cute Cute photo...and no dissin' the comfy undies.

  2. I am still wearing maternity underwear. From my first pregnancy. I bought it 5 years ago. Might not be sexy, but man is it comfy.

  3. They are so funny, aren't they? My 5yo saw me folding laundry one night, and he said, "Mommy, are those yours? Those are big underwears!!" It was hysterical, and my reaction made him giggle too. Now everytime he sees anything resembling underwear, he does the same thing, so he can get the same reaction. Adorable

  4. Hilarious! I have a picture somewhere, back before we had a digital camera, of my oldest walking around with a pair of undies on his head like a hat and a very serious face going on. I get the giggles every time I think about it.

  5. My boy puts on his sister's panties over his clothes, he also tries on my bra's, and is always down to dress up like a princess. He is still all boy.

  6. Wait till he's 7 and starts poking in the cups of the bras in the lingerie section. Or caressing them. Or "bouncing" them. Which is what my kid was doing while I was hunting up a strapless.