I was just in Hollis' room swaying back and forth in the glider. Hollis was tucked up against me, nuzzled to my breast, making sweet baby noises as he drifted off to sleep.

A storm began to ping against the window panes and I could hear it intensify to a low din on the roof.

And Digby was nestled on the space left on my lap, sandwiching Hollis between us. Purring.

I've never really given it much thought, but those three sounds are my favorites. I feel like I was just handed a precious gift for no reason other than to receive one.

It's like the warm afterglow of a long, hot bath, but on my heart instead.

This is peace.

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  1. Ahhh...what a great moment.

    The weather is beginning to turn here in Iowa. This post makes me look forward to the shift.