2:05 pm: My nursemaid is SO unprofessional

 Mommy, kiss my hand!

He didn't get the memo that, "Mommy is sick.  Mommy needs to sleep," actually means, "Toddlers stay put in their own beds."

Too sick to be a hard ass, I'm now on the couch and he's in my bed.

I've been paid well with kisses and pats, so I'm not complaining...

Oh, wait.  Yes I am.  Shoot me now, please.


  1. There's no point being sick when you're alone with a small child. No. Point. At. All.

  2. When I'm sick I tell Stella "let's cuddle" and nap with her in the big bed during the day, as much as I can - which is not enough, but still better than nothing.

    I hope you feel better soon!!