Blogging is like a surrogate family

It's always fascinating to me how much blogging has come to mean to me. I'm shy about it with my IRL friends (that's In Real Life, by the way) and I'm apologetic about it with Anthony, who is always curious about my constant blog-thinking-ways.

But it's become my surrogate family in a way, much like office mates have, or classmates. Other bloggers are my go to friends to share inane things with and offer up my two cents about cloth or disposable diapers or if those shoes go with that dress.

When I worked in an office I can't tell you how many little things I said every day to anyone willing to listen. And I don't mean that it was just me, either. People were always stopping by to chat or calling to say, "What's up, girl?" It's what people do: we socialize. It was the same with school. Once I made friends there was a link set up between us for sharing any thought or feeling we cared to and it was wonderful.

At home, with a small animal, otherwise known as a toddler, I don't have those links anymore. Obviously, it's up to me to get out there and make them, but it's a lot harder to do than it sounds. There are naps to negotiate, mealtimes, poop times, energy levels to take into account. I think I do a lot of shit with Hollis and still manage to make his life interesting and fun while also running the business of our lives, but I'm still a little stumped as to how to get out there and make friends, too. I mean... I have so much going on as it is! Fucking A, people!

Enter blogging. I've written about this before, but I wanted to say it again: I love to blog, no, WRITE. I'm slowly beginning to think of it as writing even and it makes me feel good and I'd like to own it and feel good about it. Not sheepish, shy, or apologetic.

I'm meeting more and more awesome women out there (yeah, mostly chicks since I'm haunting blogs by other mothers and articles written by/for women) and picking up links. It's been a slow process. I've been blogging since April of '08 and I'm only now getting my sea legs. What can I say? I'm a slow mover.

So, keep the comments and emails coming. Keep on connecting with me via FB, Twitter, whatever. I love it and it's so much more to me than just a time killer. It's truly a virtual link to friends and family. You are all my sounding board, my passing friend I get to say, "Hey, I just had the best ham sandwich EVER!" to, and you keep my days interesting and full of laughter and deep thoughts. - What a great combo: laughter and deep thoughts! I feel like a jolly ol' philosopher most days! -

Kiss, kiss - Jess


  1. Big kiss back at ya! I love that I found you through blogging! And I will always be here to offer my comments! I love writing, too, and reading and tweeting. I think you either 'get it' - and love it - or you just don't. NONE of my IRL friends tweet or blog. They are fascinated by my obsession, and while they read my blog, they NEVER comment. Meanies. ;) I find that I almost have more to say to my online friends than I do to my IRL friends sometimes!

  2. I started my blog not long after yours (May '08), then didn't post again until August. A few more blog posts trickled in until my dad got very sick in Sept '08, then the blog became my means to update all of our far away family and friends. It wasn't until January of this year that I really got into it. My son was born in January and I had to do something while I was sitting around for hours nursing. ;)

    I totally get how you feel about blogging. My question is, "Does your husband understand??"

  3. Amy - He's understanding more as I become more excited about it. I can't speak for him, but I think in the beginning he thought it was just another thing to divide my time. Now, though, I think he sees that it's a great outlet for all my energy. Poor man - he has to come home to me bursting with things to share every night haha. If it weren't for blogging, he'd get knocked down by the sheer amount of shit I have to say!

    BTW, I checked out your blog - that cake is outta hand! I'll definitely be back :)

  4. Mine still doesn't get it, but that's OK. Its definitely a type of family online

  5. Hi, I followed your link from your comment at Cave Mother's blog. I like it here! I completely agree with what you say about blogging, it is a lifeline. My husband loves my blog, in fact, he says he reads it to find out what's going on with me because *apparently* I never tell him, lol!

  6. Love this post. The same important thing has happened to me. Thanks for writing about this.

    Your blog is lovely. I consider it one of the better ones I've seen in the year I've discovered this new world of bloggers.