Hollis loves me

He doesn't say, "Mama, I love you," or even "Love you."

Instead, his whole frame softens and he looks at me and sighs, "Maaah-muhh." It's a thread of tiny-person feeling I wish I could snatch right out of the air and put in my pocket forever.

"Maaah-muhh," he exhales and leans into me.

"Maaah-muhh," he smiles as he clutches his blankie.

"Maah-muhh," he beams and toddles into my arms.

Unable to say "I love you, too," in any other way I mumble huskily back into his dark, golden locks "Baaay-bee," and wrap my arms around his warm softness.

His small heart's expression of emotion causes my own bigger heart to flutter and groan in a kind of rapture I've only ever known since motherhood.



  1. Sigh! It's just the emotion is so strong, the love we have for our kids. It HURTS it's so good. Just lovely.

  2. All warm and fuzzy inside over here. Merci! :)

  3. That is so gorgeous. Makes me think of my mom and how she must have felt when I was little. Brought tears to my eyes, but in a good way. :)

  4. So, so sweet.

    Westley does the same thing! But when I say, "Wessst-leee" back to him, he scowls and shakes his head no. I have to say, "I'm your mommy."