Hollis' comprehension is remarkable. He can point out just about any object I ask him to in all his books, only having to show him a new thing 3 or 4 times until he memorizes it. Not only that, but his spoken vocabulary is slowly growing, too.

He's recently added "flower" (a.k.a. "wow-wuh") to the mix due to our neighbor's glorious spring time blooms in our shared yard. We pick flowers every day and I put them in a little bud vase on his dresser. Several times a day he asks for them and holds a bright bloom to his nose, closes his eyes and inhales its scent.

How does he know how to be this cute?? It's ridiculous.

In addition to "flower," he also says, "bo-bo." I don't know why "elbow" has such an exalted position in his learning process, but it does.

He's also invented is first word for something. One day I noticed a stuffed monkey in the car that had been ignored and so I grabbed him as I was hauling Hollis out. He immediately points at it and says, "nana!" When I told Anthony later that day he suggested maybe it was because monkeys eat bananas, but I dismissed that out of hand because Hollis has never been told monkeys eat bananas, therefore, how could he possibly know? I figured it was a one-off deal, but Hollis has continued to call his monkey "nana." He has monkeys in a book that he also points to and calls, "nana" whenever we're on that page.

This is particularly funny to me because Anthony's mother has claimed the name "Nana" in our family (Hollis has a grandma, grandmom, and Nana Kathleen and Nana Tana - he's not short on the grandmotherly love, is he?). And poor Kathleen's "nana" has been hijacked by a stuffed monkey. And only Hollis knows why. Sorry, Nana!

And it may be my imagination, but I think he's started combining words, too. His shouts of, "Moee meeuh! Moee meeuh!" sound an awful lot like "More milk! More milk!" to me and that's exactly what he's chomping at the bit for. Yay for language!!


Kids are great. I can't wait to give Hollis a little mister or a little sister. Who knew they were so much fun??? I'll keep y'all posted on the pregger thing.

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