Maybe he'll be a plumber??

Buttcrack dolls by Smosch. I imagine Hollis would find this doll scrumptious.

Not because his butt crack hangs out, but because he loves to tickle mine whenever ye olde arse is hanging out whilst putting away dishes or toys. - You know how that goes.

He toddles up behind me, giggles, and every so gently, touches my butt crack. Pulls his hand away and does it again, waiting for me to jump and yelp (which, of course I do).

I think most men LOVE to torment their women by putting objects in their woman's crack while they are helplessly bent over. We are slaves to fashion, after all, and the little boy in all men cannot resist the temptation to harass. I have never given Anthony such a death stare as when he messes with my rear end. He is under the darkest threat of life to NEVER TOUCH MY ASS CRACK AGAIN. YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!?!!

But when Hollis does it??? It is the sweetest thing EVER. It's the gloriousness of the "baby free pass." He has it laminated at this point. Lucky guy.

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  1. LMFAO.... So true! My hubby tries to do that to me and gets the hairy eyeball all the time!