Your email address is so cool!!

I forwarded this to Jessica, and she insisted I post it up. After all, this blog reflects Jessica's life, which covers the whole spectrum from sadness to sheer absurdity.

Long ago, I had the opportunity to get my own personal mac.com email address from Apple before the general public. I thought it would be SO COOL to have "anthony@mac.com." The bliss lasted a couple of years, as I coolly gave out my email address to people I met.

"It's anthony@mac.com."

"Just Anthony?"


"Wow, you must have gotten in early."

(shrug) "Eh, it was nothing..."

Then the spam started. Luckily the spam rules take care of most of that. But there seems to be an endless supply of Anthonys out there in the world who tell their friends that they have "anthony@mac.com." Their friends keep emailing me, thinking I'm someone else.

I even got into an argument (via email) with one Anthony who INSISTED that "anthony@mac.com" was his email address. I finally had to point out that he was sending messages to that address and I was getting them. Ipso facto...

Anyway, I occasionally get really funny stuff. This email below is actually the second one I've gotten from this, uh, organization. I can't figure out if it's real, or just creative spam (click here to see full size):

I mean, it's funny enough to be getting misdirected emails from a male escort service in some other country. But these guys are also REALLY bad at it. First, they're using free mac.com email addresses to send from. Not the end of the world, but it definitely lacks a certain polish. And the photo of "his feet"? You probably can't see it from the multiple conversions it took to get the email into JPEG format, but the feet pic has a big watermark across it from the free stock photo service they pulled the pic from.

Well, I'm sorry to say that I didn't forward this email on to their prospective client. I hope they have better luck with future clients than they did with me...

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