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I recently did one of those "25 Things" that go around on Facebook. It's a little game where a friend will "tag" you to list 25 random things about yourself. I really like these little doodads. I don't even care that I had already done a "16 Things" list... I could come up with something every hour of my life if I had to!

What's really surprising about this list-making exercise is that I actually discovered something new about myself. I wouldn't have thought that would be a result. I was just returning a lobbed ball, after all. But I discovered why I blog, why I Facebook, why I Twitter (that's new!).

Being a SAHM (stay at home mom, for those of you not in the know) I am isolated. I spend most of my time with a creature that doesn't speak English. I'm not "alone," per se, but it's a lot like hanging with a dog. You interact and go do fun things, but the dog is waiting on you to call all the shots and is happy with pretty much whatever. A baby is a lot like that, except he isn't always happy with whatever. The internet makes my home the universe and expands the borders of my kitchen.

I can focus 100% of my attention on my little critter and still interact with grown ups all day long! That's even better than an hour-long play group! I feel like I've struck the mofo'ing jackpot with this internet thing! I've felt so cut off since Hollis broke the house laptop (the screen is currently being propped up by two pillows) last week; I've been compulsively pecking at my iPhone checking FB, Twitter, and email (thank God for my phone!).

And you guys, my internet brethren, you indulge my extroverted need to recharge by interaction. You say nice things, email me, leave comments. And for that I say THANK YOU!!

Krissy and Carolyn, I feel like you two need a special shout out in particular because your online-selves are what I aspire to be. You leave the most thoughtful comments and you're wickedly funny (I'm thinking all the FB comments, updates, etc.). I never leave comments on blogs. The most I ever do is a 10 word comment on FB.

Of course, this universe at my doorstep is a great thing for me. I have NO worldly idea how I'm going to manage this for my kids, though. That's a whole other topic for another day.

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