Shower options

As the mom of a burgeoning toddler I find myself getting more and more creative each day. It used to be that we could do all sorts of things while Hollis contemplated the ceiling popcorn from his bassinet. Then we graduated to the bouncer, the swing, the exersaucer, and the jumper.

I've made a safe kitchen zone for him and babyproofed the whole house, but I still have to reach down into the recesses of my brain to come up with a good solution for when I need to shower and he's not sleeping because despite all the precautions, the littlest, stupidest thing, while utterly unsupervised and left to run amok in the house, could hurt him.

And so I say, voila!!

The bathtub babysitter!!

Who knew he would love it so much?? He can see me from over the ledge, and in the reflection of the mirror. He tries to turn the faucet on (thank God he's not strong enough, yet) and plays with his toys and various bath accessories I've deemed safe for him to play with. And nary a whimper of complaint!

I'll probably have to switch to chains and padlocks once he learns how to climb out.

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