Menu Plan - Week of January 5

I know I'm a day (or two) late on this, but I wanted to post my menu plan for this week. I'm also going to take a note from CityMama and post my expenses. I'll have to estimate for this week since I've already tossed my receipts, and have forgotten most of what I purchased.

Monday: Ground Nut Stew
Tuesday: Left overs (L/O)
Wednesday: Tofu & Veggie Curry
Thursday: L/O
Friday: Provence Vegetable Soup
Saturday: Eat Out
Sunday: Transylvania Eggplant Casserole

I've been to the grocery store twice so far this week. Normally, I try to go once a week, but since I'm using such fresh ingredients I decided to try going the day-of instead.

On Monday, I spent approximately $50; today around $30. I still have to buy veggie stock for the soup and more veggies for the Sunday Tempura. And of course that money includes bananas and apples for Hollis and vegan snacks for me like nuts, nuts, and more nuts. And a box of wine (I share this sheepishly since my "cleanse" is supposed to be alcohol-free, but I'm sorta easing into that one). So, I'm guessing my total bill will end up being around $100 this week.

I don't normally eat so many left overs, either, but these recipes make a crap load of food - way more than just Anthony and I can eat in a single sitting, even with me eating left overs for lunch we have plenty for a second dinner.

(Boy, I just realized that if I really post recipes for everything I make that I'll be a very busy blogger - well, here goes!!)

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