Back in the groove... sorta

This being sick thing f'ing blows. Really. I've been sick, officially, for 8 days now. When was the last time I was this sick?? I honestly don't know. Usually, minor colds come in then leave within 2-3 days, but this week-long bullshit is just that: a bunch of bullshit.

Don't the germs know I don't have time for this?? I mean, I was taking care of my sister when they first came to visit. But I prevailed. I beat them down with Aspirin, gallons of hot tea, and a comfy air matress anchored by a giant, beautiful flat screen TV.

The little bastard germs persevered, however, and moved to concentrate on the space between my ears: pounding ruthlessly until I caved in to even more Aspirin. Now they're in my ears and chest, deep and unattainable. Unmovable. I simply don't have time for this battle.

My house needs attention. My family needs my attention. My baby needs attention. My life needs attention.

And I'm SO not one of those go-go-go people. Ordinarily, at the first sign of illness I pull up the stakes and pack it home. My m.o. is to rest until it passes (maybe that's why I've been so healthy all these years). If I hadn't already been in CA with Gabby, Anthony still would have had to take time off to be at home with Hollis. That's something we haven't had to deal with, yet: a really sick mother. And the natural follow-up question of: Who takes care of the baby then??

I'm feeling marginally better now. The throat is still tender, but the raw burning is gone. I feel like I'm at the bottom of a deep-end pool and if only my ears would pop then everything would feel better. I want to go to a doctor, but I don't want to go to mine. She's so Western and gives no thought to other influences other than the concrete. So I'm at an impasse. I want to feel better, but don't know where to go to get it done.

As a side note to my bitching and moaning, Hollis was napping when I started this entry.

And he had a napping companion in ol' Diggerboo.

Happy Monday!!

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