Menu Plan: Week of January 25

I have not done well with these menu plans. I should call them "menu guidelines." I also think that it's misleading to say that menu planning actually saves you money. For instance, if I'm winging it, I'll use whatever it is I already have in the fridge versus planning a weekly menu and going out and buying what I need. Ostensibly, I'm checking what I have already and adding to it, but that's really damn hard when I don't have all my food stuffs or cookbooks cataloged online and I can't cross-reference what I have with what I need.

Blah blah blah blah blah. Is this as boring to everyone who reads this as it is to me?? I'm just trying to show others the behind the scenes. In that regard, I guess I'm successful.

Having said all that, this is what I have outlined for this week.

Mon- Tempura veggies (Sundays at Moosewood Collective p220)
Tues- Ratatouille (Moosewood Cookbook p179)
Weds- Penne pasta with roasted veggies (using L/O ratatouille)
Thurs- Nuthin' (Anthony's teaching that night, so I'll probably eat grapes and hummus - seriously)
Fri- Mushroom Casserole
Sat- L/O
Sun- Eat Out

I spent approximately $90 at the grocery store yesterday on produce (bell peppers, mushrooms, apples, bananas, lettuce, salad mixes, onions, and daikon radish), eggs, 2 teas, girlie stuff, and lozenges. Oh, and a Star magazine (eesh). I still need to get some GF penne pasta, more mushrooms, and some various other things like diapers, wipes, cotton pads and balls, and tissue. I might actually stay under $150 for the week, which would be fanfuckingtastic (since it's practically impossible).

On to a "real" post now. Peace out.

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