New developments

Hollis' development is forging on at warp speed. His language is becoming more sophisticated, his attention span is lengthening, his particular idiosyncrasies are surfacing, and his energy levels are at an all time high.

This means two things to me. On the one hand I'm fucking thrilled to know that things are moving along and that all signs point to healthy development. And on the other I'm screwed.

I realized today that I can no longer multi-task with him running loose around the house. I used to be able to put on makeup and dry my hair and I could be assured he'd just play with a bunch of books that we'd designated as "ok for baby" or play with a comb.

Today, he did this.

To multiple shelves.

I've zoned off a part of the kitchen for him, we've baby-proofed, we have gates like they're turnstiles in a subway, and we have toys and gadgets and pots, pans, big wooden spoons, and baby push-wagons galore. But he doesn't want any of it if I'm around. He wants me to hold him, touch him, talk to him, play with him, chase him, tickle him, feed him, and change him. He wants my full attention at best, but he'll happily take half of it, but he must have some of it.

I'm in love with it all, but it knocks my socks off. I haven't been this exhausted since we slept like we were keeping watch from invaders.

I've gotten in the habit of literally running him around so he gets tired enough for a nap.

Here he is pushing his wagon around on the lawn.

After he'd gotten done going up and down our street. And swinging in the swing for 20 minutes. And unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper. And tearing up his room.

I laugh even though I find myself having to start the whole "No, Hollis" thing. I say, "No," but then immediately try to give him something he can do. I don't want to be this asshole who shits on all his fun all the time. He doesn't know he's not supposed to eat the toilet paper, after all. It's just fun to suck on and spit out, you know??

A friend of mine has recently had baby #2 and the way she describes just going to the grocery store his hilarious and terrifying all at the same time. As Hollis gets smarter and smarter you'll probably watch the gray hairs spring from my head. And my teeth turn purple from the wine...

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  1. Seriously, Hollis' facial expressions are priceless -- especially that last one in the crib.

    Happy Thanksgiving!