The day after I got back from San Francisco, November 12th, the leaves started to drop from our tree in the backyard. I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but its trunk is smooth and dusty gray and the leaves are giant, three-pointed things that are as large as a dinner plate.

I LOVE fall. It's my favorite time of year. It means the holidays are coming, parties, dressing up, gift giving and winter (which is my close second favorite season).

Last year I took this precious photo of Hollis in the leaves and Levi came up behind me and decided to investigate the newest member of his pack. (...sigh...)

I have it framed on our mantel.

Yesterday afternoon, despite the 75 degree weather, I took Hollis to the park to play. He's mostly interested in whatever's on the ground, versus playing on the jungle gyms. I noticed a pile of leaves and plopped him down next to it. He made leaf angels and tried to taste some of the leaves (cuz, you know, maybe they're yummy). In this shot another little kid had just run up to investigate all the commotion.
As you can see, Hollis is quite pleased by the visitor.

As a side note, I should have taken pictures of all the dads at the park yesterday. I wonder if it was Dad Day or something, because generally the ratio of moms to dads is 5 to 1 and yesterday it was easily reversed. Holla to all the fellas!

Today's weather is perfect: high in the mid-50s, tonight's low in the 30s. I'm in freaking h e a v e n.

Every major relationship of my life started in the fall. I had Hollis in the fall. I look better in sweaters than I do spaghetti straps. I have a spring in my step in the fall (no pun intended). I love spicy pies and the burn of peppermint on my tongue. I love bows and pine needles, the slow heat of a burning log, and scratchy scarves on my neck. I love to eat, cook, and drink. It's so much more satisfying to have a full belly when it's 40 degrees outside than when it's 100. I get to see my sister when it's cold.

For those of you who don't know, autumn began almost two months ago on September 22nd and precisely at 11:44 am.

I think we had a 90 degree day that day, so for me, it wasn't too real. I need more concrete proof besides my own internal clock to start wearing argyle. Like the leaves I saw on the 12th. Or Hollis playing in a pile of leaves yesterday. Or tonight's bone fide cold weather.

The next exciting date to look forward to is December 21st, 7:04 am. It marks the start of winter. Yay!

Note: I realize that many of you reading this are already very aware of fall due to your weeks long need for thicker socks and an extra five minutes to let your car warm up. You know who you are...

Lucky bastards.

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  1. Lucky Bastard #1 chiming in:
    After having spent my first year in Iowa after 30+ years in places that are reputed to not have seasons (CA & NM), I finally get why people from places that do have seasons always level that as a criticism.

    It is glorious! I don't know that I have a favorite season, but I definitely revel in the transitions from summer to fall and winter into spring.