Trip to SF

His first steps ever!!

It's been a week or two since I got back from San Francisco and I wanted to post a few picture highlights. Our trip started off with quite a bang with Hollis deciding to walk! We were just playing on the floor, all alone in Gabby's apartment, and he did his thing!

Then I let him loose in the kitchen. I like to call this picture "Baby Heaven."

The next day, Aunt Larry, aka my sister, took this incredible picture of Hollis in his PJs.

Later that night was a party for Maurice's 33rd birthday at Guin's apartment downstairs. Sadly, Hollis and I missed all the fun, but we did help set up. Here's Guin oinking at Hollis who, bless his little baby heart, can't seem to figure out what the hell it is she's doing.

Saturday afternoon we were then off to visit some old high school friends at a great, and extremely loud, pizza place where kids could run absolutely wild.

This is the only way most people are taller than Tom.

Linda, Katie, and me hamming it up.

Sunday was a day of leisure for me and Hollis. In the morning, we walked down to Philz Coffee with Gabby.

Later, she had to do more work. Luckily for us, though, she had to go to a studio in Potrero Hill. Here's a shot of me and Hollis on a hill (not Potrero, specifically) with the city in the background. Gorgeous!!!

That night we went to Villa Romanos in the Inner Sunset. Aunt Larry and Hollis kissed on each other for about 10 minutes with Hollis beside himself with squeals.

On our way back to the car, Gabby got some cash and Hollis was on the look out for any hoodlums.

Monday morning, Hollis woke up before dawn, but once the sun was up he was able to watch all the dogs and their walkers 5 stories below.

That afternoon, we headed back to Martinez to Katie's house to visit with Jenny and Kristina and all our kiddos.

From L - R: Sophia (Tina's youngest), Jordan Otto (Jenny's), Jasmine (on the slide, Tina's oldest), Isabella (Katie's), and Hollis (crawling away!).

And here we all are with all the kiddos crowding around - except for Hollis, he was busy playing with the fence.
(From L - R: Jenny, Katie, Tina, and me)

Our last morning in the city.

And back in Austin with Mom and Terry.

Yes, I shamelessly let other people feed my child whenever I can.

All in all the trip was great. The weather was pleasant, although still not cold enough for my liking (I should really consider Wisconsin - or hell, Manitoba). Anyway - Gabby had to work, but I still got to spend a ton of quality time with her (which was the whole point). We got to hang with Maury, Guin, Linda, Katie, Jenny, Tom, Tina, and all sorts of sweet, chubby-cheeked children. We also got to tour San Francisco in a way we never had before: in a car with a personal tour-guide. Thanks, Gibby!! I drank a lot of tea and wine and ate terrific food. Gabby and I walked down to Philz just about every morning and Hollis, not so surprisingly, napped twice a day and was out like a light by 8 each night (although, he only made it to sunrise once - ouch).

So, that's all - nothing special, just felt the need to get this posted.

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  1. Oh wow, there are so many great pics here, but my favorite is the one of Hollis in his crib by the window at dawn.