Protecting our children

The map behind Oprah shows how quickly one pornographic image of a child being molested can spread. It starts with the large red dot from a computer in Washington, D.C. Within 24 hours, it has spread all across the United States—from coast to coast and north to south. “This is just an average day in America—24 hours,” Oprah says.

I just sent an email to everyone I know whose email I have. Here it is so I can reach everyone else:

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the mass email, but this is serious.

Today at the opening of Oprah's show she put out another plea to contact your senator about Senate bill 1738.

She said she'd never gotten so much hate mail than she has since Monday's show and I thought, Oprah gets hate mail?? - well, yeah, she does... from pedophiles.

She read an email saying something to the extent that no matter what "there would still be 9000 penises raping children and no one could stop them."

These pedophiles are organized and pathological in their quest for child pornography and child victims.

Sickening, I know. Well since I missed this Monday's Oprah, I Googled a recap on it and was horror stricken with what I read. (Click here to read it for yourself.)

Please take the five minutes necessary to write to your senator about the bill so we can get this passed.

Here's a link to a good standard form letter on Oprah's site.

Thanks for your help and time.

I hope you're all doing well~

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