Sweet chaos

I've been getting into a major groove lately and I'm loving it:

Wake up at 7
Bring Hollis into bed with me and nurse/cuddle for 30 mins to an hour
Into his jumper for some exercise while I shower and get dressed
Feed Hollis breakfast, pill/feed the dog, start water for my tea
Drink my tea/play with Hollis/check email
Around 10 am Hollis goes down for his first nap
While Hollis sleeps: blog/email/bills/watch the View/clean/etc.
When Hollis wakes up, it's time for another nursing and to get out of the house running errands
Home by 3 or 4 and down he goes for a quickie nap of about 45 mins
Wakes up and it's dinner time
Play, play, play until the 7 o'clock hour
Bath time!
Play some more then some cuddles and lights out between 8 and 9

Of course, since Anthony's been gone this past week and some change I can't seem to fall asleep until really ungodly hours of midnight or even 2 am. So despite having pleasant days, I'm exhausted (and now I've had a bellyache for almost 18 hours straight - not fun!). But, despite the sleeplessness (and the bellyache), I still feel like I'm on vacation. You probably didn't notice, but in my day there is NO COOKING! And I love to cook, I really do, it's my meditation and my art, but I had no idea how much energy it takes out of me during a regular work week - breakfast and dinner, all the dishes, the planning, the shopping for it, the making of it, the synching up with Anthony's schedule which never seems to be the same from day to day. This week I basically ate a frozen dinner for lunch and a bag of M&Ms for dinner and called it a day. It's been great!

Hollis really seems to be responding well to this organization, too. He's been sleeping through the nights like a champ and been a honey of a baby during the days.

I wonder what it'll be like to have Anthony reenter our lives. The last time he came home from an extended business trip (only 5 days that time) Hollis started waking up multiple times during the night. I wonder if it's because of the added stress/responsibility I feel during the day when Anthony's here depending on me (all pressure I put on myself, I assure you - Anto's the most easygoing guy I know of). I'm going to make a concerted effort this time to try to just relax and ease into a modified "vacation schedule" and hope for the best. I don't want to kick up a dust of chaos around me, you know?? I want to be chill, and graceful, and together.

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