Goats and mommies: More alike than you think

I love the conversations I'm having these days. Honestly, nothing tops them.

"Mommy," Hawk asks, "why is there a goat on my yogurt?"

"Because I like goats' milk yogurt better than cows' milk."

"Cows make milk, too!"

"Yes, all mammal mommies make milk for their babies: bears, tigers, horses, beavers..."  I wondered if I'd lost him with the whole "mammal mommy" thing, so I added, "Mammals are animals who give birth to their babies through their vaginas then feed their babies at their breast" (I may have done a weird squat and baby-catching hand gesture as I said this).

Elated that he knew what I was saying Hawk interjects, "And you made milk in your boobs, too!!"

"Yes, I did! But it doesn't last forever; just so long as the baby needs it."

"But you still have boobs, right??"

I glance down at my chest, "It sure looks like I do!" and he giggles as he scoops another spoonful of wildflower honey yogurt in his mouth.

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