Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry

After half a dozen hugs and kisses delivered at the end of a cross-
room sprint I have left Hollis at yoga camp happily playing with toys
and balloons.

Without me.
With people I don't know.
For the first time EVER.
Oh my God.

How am I ever going to handle sending him off to college???


  1. This first time away is HARD. The first time I left my oldest in someone else's care, I couldn't even hold back the tears so I could exit with some grace.

    It'll get easier. He will have fun, make new friends, and you will have some time to yourself. And it will be good. Vow not to clean/cook or otherwise do "house stuff" during that down time. Do something for you. You (and H) will be better for it.

    And now tell me to follow my own damned advice. ;-)

  2. It does get easier. I think it's easiest when your kid is totally happy with where they are.

  3. It gets better. Finding that you now have time to take a shower undisturbed, go to the bathroom alone, or even get your eyebrows done or get a haircut... yeah, that makes it easier ;-)

    But I do understand - I'm ok with sarah going to school now, but in September I'll have to go through the first-day stuff with Stella, and I am NOT looking forward to that, I know I will be the one telling myself "Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry" then!

  4. It gets easier, it really does. Although my kiddo's starting kindergarten in September, so I won't be so full of sage words of wisdom then. It does help me, at least, to know that she's totally cool. I may not be, but she really is.