To a father on Father's Day

Today has always been just another day to me.  My dad was never really much of a father and celebrating him felt like a painful joke.  But now, I truly have something to celebrate: Anthony's love for Hollis and their magical connection.

Anthony came from a place of emotional turmoil and pain.  His childhood wasn't safe, his heart wasn't protected, he was on his own.  A small, spindle-limbed child fending for himself both at home and school, he learned to trust no one, not even his own feelings.

Enter Hollis two and a half years ago and a piece of Anthony's puzzle was found.  The way to Love and Joy were open to him by way of the innocent, uncomplicated, unconditional love of a child, his child.

Watching the two of them together or listening to their conversations from the other room is nothing short of divine.

Happy Father's Day, Anthony.  You will help him become a tender, thoughtful man who navigates this planet with care  and you deserve a lifetime of love from Hollis and every hug, high-five, and slobbery-kiss he'll ever give you.




  1. I never liked Father's Day. Not even a little. But watching my own husband with his children has redeemed it for me. I'm so glad that my own children, like Hollis, have a great dad.

  2. Those are awesome photos! Here are to the good dads.

  3. The two men in your life (okay, one man, one baby) are gorgeous and Hollis is lucky to have such awesome parents! Your hubby sounds like one terrific and loving dad, Jessica. xoxo

  4. OhMyGosh how adorable was Hollis as a little bald babe!!! Loved all the pics of the men in your life. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These were excellent photos! They share such an obvious love... :)

  6. Oh my GOD with the pictures! Could your family GET any cuter? There is too much awesome right there! I think I have to go lie down now...