Sweetest creature that ever lived

 My booboo kisser.

We woke up this morning to Hollis humming a radio jingle as he entered our room, then he oddly refused to climb up on the bed with us, got round-eyed, and vomited silently down his shirt.  I leaped up and ran around the bed to him while Anthony swept him up in his arms and took him to the bathroom sink.  I suggested he try letting him stand in front of the toilet in case the pressure from being held wasn't helping and went to look in his room to investigate the "bed boff" Hollis said was there.

It wasn't much and he hasn't really thrown up since then, but that pretty  much sealed the deal: today would be a movies and jammies kind of day.

Monsters Inc and The Little Mermaid and a successful breakfast and lunch later it was nap time and, I guess, time for Mommy's insides to turn on her this time.  Luckily, no "boffing" for me, but I seriously think some kind of worm is shitting on my guts right now.  Yeah, I know.  Gross, but I can't explain it any other way.  It hurts, I'm nauseated, and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself.

I tell Hollis that he can sleep in Mama's bed if he wants, but that doesn't go well, so we end up in his.  I'm so drained and am feeling so badly I am wondering if he can tell I'm just barely hanging in there.

As I'm tucking him in and straightening his covers he says,

"Mama, kiss booboo tummy all better.  Kiss back booboo all better, too."

I hugged him to me and answered, "Of course, baby, thank you so much," and helped him out of his bed so he could kiss my tummy booboo and my back booboo.  And that's when the tears filled my eyes.  I haven't mentioned my back pain today (that chronic, aching, activity-limiting pain that I carry around every single day due to bulging discs in my lower back), but I do admit to wincing once or twice and he must have seen it.  Or else, just remembered that Mama has a [forever] booboo of some sort.

He also insisted on hugs for my booboos.

I swear having him around is like a therapy dog.  If I could, I'd take him to hospitals so he could light up people's days like he does mine, but alas, he's not a dog and so I won't.  But it's just miraculous.  Magical.  Amazing. Stupendous.  Marvelous!

My booboos feel better already.


  1. He is so sweet - look at that little face!! So glad he hasn't thrown up since - I HATE when my kids are sick. It turns me into a total stress case. Of course, getting sick from them, which happens all the time, is even worse, especially when they depend on you for survival and all you want to do is lay down and die. Does not make for a good day.

  2. What a sweet boy. I hope you feel better!

  3. Aw, he really is the sweetest. :)

  4. How sweet is he. So sorry, I haven't commented in a while but I've still been reading. Hope everyone is feeling all better soon.

  5. That is so brutal. I hope that you guys both feel better.

    When sickness hits our house we grab a bowl. I find it too hard to get them to throw up in the toilet.

  6. That is sweet (the part about him fixing your booboos)
    Now the vomit... that's not something I can usually handle seeing, but when it's one of my kids, it's like a surreal moment - almost scary. I hope that was it for him for the day. (that single morning vomit happens sometimes)