Patting underwear-clad bottoms

Lovely things:

Who knew patting a bottom with just cotton undies on top of them was so much better than patting a diapered one??

The butter on an Spring Brunch table.

When given the choice, Hollis picked the hot(test) pink potty in the store.

The woman behind the make-up counter at Nordy's told me, while looking at a 4 different lines of skin care, that I didn't need repair or wrinkle treatment, but just needed PREVENTION.

The mornings here have been gray.

Butts, in general.

I gave freely to people I care about and who would never ask for it, because I could.

A real conversation between Hollis and my mom about his new hot pink potty.

Hollis a techy Texan bunny.

Hollis has an eye for design.

I rearranged Hollis' room and got real, grown up dressers for mine.

I've reconnected with old friends on levels I didn't know even existed between us.

My life.

[Ed. note: all photos are taken with my iPhone 3G. Some were taken with my Camera Bag app (using the Colorcross feature), others with Hipstamatic (using the Kaimal Mark II lense), and others just plain and then messed with in iPhoto. I don't know what I'd do without my trusty little black box.]


  1. Hey Jessica! I miss you! Hollis is as cute as ever. Happy potty training. And getting through the day... good luck, happy thoughts, cheers and hugs. xox

  2. Hollis cracks me up. Have fun with the big boy pants.

  3. I think we have that exact same potty book! :-) And he looks so cute talking on the phone.

    Grab those moments.