It should also be noted...

... that to say that Hollis is tired from his week away is a pitiful understatement. A week's worth of not enough sleep, illness, injury, and strange surroundings have delivered him to his waiting Mama's doorstep.

He was up at 7 this morning after a restful 12 hours of sleep, then back asleep from 9-11 am (per his own little hoarse-y request for "Crib!").

Then awake and playful and alert on our way to the airport at 1, but bleary-eyed and heavy-lidded on our way home from errands at 3 pm and fully back asleep - again - by 3:30 in the afternoon.

Mimi popped in and woke him up at 6, played with him, fed, bathed and read to him and he was back in his crib by 7:30 and asleep by 7:31.

[Ed. to add: He only takes one nap a day and has for the last year +. Two very long naps in a single day is unheard of!]

This child is a superb example of how to behave: lovingly, with verve and delight.


  1. oh wow, I wish mine would sleep half as much!

  2. ahhhh if only they do that all the time hahah we can have more quality time for us!

  3. He is proabably tired from being so happy to see you again! :-)

  4. Poor guy, he can't even stay awake long enough to fully enjoy being back together with you. Although, seeing babies sleep usually makes a mommy's heart swell that much more. Hope you both got plenty of rest!