My little old man

Hollis has a pretty reliable clock ticking away under all his lovely chubbiness. It goes something like this:

  • 7-8 am - Wake up
  • 8-9 am - Eat
  • 9-12 pm - Run amok/Do adorable baby things (see 11:07 am post)/Eat
  • 12-3/4 pm - Nap (although, it's usually a 2-3 hour nap, with an occasional marathon nap of 4 hours)
  • 3/4-5/6 pm - More running amok/Eat snack
  • 6-7 pm - Eat
  • 7-8 pm - Sleep

Not bad, right?? (Hey, I'm definitely not complaining. I think it's glorious and wonderful and it actually ends up being pretty flexible for the both of us. He can easily swing mixing it up or missing a nap and still be really happy because we can always fall back on his schedule.)

And here's my whole point to this: this is 100% his schedule. I just follow his lead. Case in point, today:

We had our usual goings on up until about 11:45 am. I noticed that he was laying on his blankie between bouts of running amok so I decided it was time to read a book or two and bring it down a notch. I read him his "potty" book and cuddled with him then put him in his crib. Paci in mouth, blankie clutched under his arm he points to his right shin and says, "Nya-nya."

Now, "nya-nya," if you recall, means a few things in this house. It means, "cookie," "nana," and "monkey." I even thought for a second maybe he was hungry because he hadn't had lunch, yet, but quickly dismissed that idea because he was pointing at his shin, not his belly. Next I thought maybe he had made up a new word for "booboo," because he has his first skinned knee. So, I pointed to his LEFT knee, where the booboo is, but he shook me off, pointed to his right shin, and said, "nya-nya" again.

Then it hit me.

He has monkey pants - pajama pants - and it was nap time after all, so why not wear his monkey pajama pants??

And so, I brought the pants over and he jumped up and down and giggled excitedly. Mama had it right! Woohoo!! I'm learning to speak toddler!!

So I took his shorts off, put on his monkey pants and the little old man trapped in a tiny person's body lay down and when right to sleep. That was an hour and fifteen minutes ago.

Man, I love that little guy... and his monkey pants.


  1. I pretty much do the same thing with Zoe.
    Wake up anywhere from 6:30-8:00, eat breakfast, nap around 9:30 up around 10:30, play and eat lunch, nap around 2:00-4:00 then it's up until night time but she pretty much makes her nap schedule with no fuss. We use to let her nap in her swing and that was the only way we could get her down for a nap but now we just hold her, with paci in mouth for a few minutes, she gets sleepy and then we put her in her crib.

  2. I think it's great that your little old man has found his own schedule. I only wish that mine would.

    And I also love the monkey pants. :)

  3. Toddler talk is great! Wait until he's putting sentences together. One of my favorite sentences that my daughter recently put together is, "I'm so mad at you!!" She scrunches up her nose and pouts her lips, and while I wish she were happy with me, the whole thing is too cute for me to care!

  4. I think he needs to video conference with my son and have a few words with him. See if he can fit that in his schedule.

  5. heartbreakingly adorable. yay for getting toddlerspeak!

  6. That is beyond adorable! He's SO smart.

    Man, I miss naps. Stella only occasionally takes naps in the car when I go pick up Sarah from School - 30 minutes :-(

  7. OMGoodness, he's adorable!! I miss when my little ones were that age...heck, I miss when they used to sleep in cribs!!

    So cute that he asked specifically for his Monkey Pants!

  8. poor little guy .. he was only trying to get his monkey pants on:) toddlers are just funny:)
    Oh and also , if you have time, you may want to stop by to check out the exciting news I'm sharing today!
    Happy Thursday!

    *stopping by from SITS

  9. Just visiting from SITS... he is adorable!

  10. cute. I love it. I missed my step-kids toddler talk for the most part - caught the tail end of it for my stepson - and I can just imagine how nice it is to communicate with someone who doesn't quite have words yet :)

  11. Westley is doing a lot of that "it's time for monkey pajamas"-type stuff right now. It's so cool to watch him connect the things in his head with the things in his world!

  12. Hey there, I love this post. My boy is just over 2yrs as well. And yes, we have to decipher many words/instructions from him. Funny how "ya ya" means radio (where's the resemblance???) and "babies" means his "blanky"! I love it. I will def follow your blog from now because it appears we are on the same page!!! (PS I'm glad to see 1) another 2yo boy has a blanky! AND 2) another 2yo boy sleeps like there is no bearing on his cot, just as he pleases!!! lol