Operation Just Jess - A pictorial and review

I don't know if any of you have picked up on any shit I've been leaving between the lines of my recent writing or not. Maybe you've sensed that I'm nuttier than squirrel shit or that I'm really lonely or that I'm downright struggling. Whatever I may seem to the outside world I really, really needed to get away this past weekend.

To say that my head's up my ass is an understatement. I feel like it's up my ass, over the moon, through the hills, and out the shitter. Seriously.

So, when my sister and I started talking about a possible trip out to San Francisco to visit her before Baby Rasta arrives (her nickname for the as-yet-unnamed baby boy in her belly) I jumped at the chance.

And, since she is 7 months pregnant why not throw her a surprise baby shower, too?? I wrote a few emails to her friends, found a talented artist to do the invitations, and we got all the details hashed out and invitations sent within 5 days of booking my flight.

My sister also wanted her big sister to help her nest, organize, and do baby things. I was thrilled for the opportunity to mix up my day, get out of my hazy head space and focus on something else for a change.

Then, something extraordinary happened. You see, I have no social life and few friends here in Austin, but I have some very old friends in California and they all wanted to see me! Suddenly, me, who has nothing but time on her hands and a really flexible schedule had to actually turn people down! My goal was to spend the bulk of my time with my sister with the exception of two dinners and evenings when friends would drive in to the city (a big undertaking, no less!) to hang with yours truly.

I cannot tell you how amazing that was for me: to be reminded that I am worthy of someone's effort and time and love.

So, that's the set up. And here's the proof of an amazing, intensely emotional, fun weekend:

Good morning, hot ass San Francisco! It's worth noting that Friday and Saturday were unusually hot, like 90 degrees. I wanted to cry; in my desperation to escape the heat it followed me!

Eating lunch at a neighborhood bistro. I believe this was prior to the homeless man asking my sister if he could eat her salad.

:: There are several hours between lunch on Friday and the pedis on Saturday, but no pictures, sadly. My friends Katie and Jenny drove into the City and I whipped up some dinner for everyone. We commiserated, laughed, hugged, and imbibed. It was heaven. Just one quick note: truffle oil makes anything special. ::

I'd only eaten a scone since 9 am, so we went to Trudy's for dinner. It's funny because I felt like a tourist once home and more like at home in SF. It's why Anthony's working so hard to get us moved out there. He feels pretty much the same way I do about Texas.

I also felt like an emotional wreck: I'd done some intellectual Olympics while in SF and had a lot to say. Once we put Hollis down we talked for a couple of hours and caught up and reconnected. And Austin is beginning to feel more like home again.

Overall, it was a great few days and I'm glad to be back home with my guys. I'm glad to have this life and I'm glad to have the intelligence to appreciate it.

Now, can I just get someone to give me a couple of days to reenter my real life one toe at a time? I'm old and not as flexible as I once was. No? Well, ok then. I'll just pour myself another little sip of vino. Don't look.

**Pictures added after original post was published.


  1. A wonderful post, I love how you told the story in pictures and captions. I am immensely jealous, it sounds like it was a fantastic few days. Here's to another Operation Just Jess in the not-too-distant future.

  2. That sounds like an awesome trip. I would love to do something like that. I'm not very good at doing things for myself, I can always talk myself out of them. Hmm, will have to reflect more on this.
    Here's hoping you get to go it again soon and that something more permenant in SF happens.

  3. Look how cute you are! I want that hat! Your dudes are adorable, as is your sister and her dude. Looks like you had a BLAST!! Glad you did.

    P.s. send me that hat.

  4. I'm so glad that you got away and got some time to yourself. Also jealous. Mostly glad, though. What a great pictorial review, too. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. isn't that just so refreshing??? whenever i even have just a little girls' night out (consisting of only dinner because that is all i have stamina for these days), i come home feeling like summer's eve fresh. aaaaaah....

    btw, i seriously heart your pictorial posts...i don't know what it is, but i feel like i'm literally there with you.

  6. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! Looks like you had a great trip!

  7. Time away is ESSENTIAL for mothers, stay-at-home or otherwise. It's good to remember who you are on your own. Love the pictures (you ARE good at the arm-photo thing).