Date night

Anthony leaves for a 2 1/2 week long business trip today (CA then
Athens), so last night Hollis stayed with my mom and Anto and I went
out to a fancy dinner.

I was about to fall asleep in my coffee I was so exhausted.

It usually happens that way: Anthony and I try to reconnect as adults
and I'm a walking zombie. I must have some kind of radar that senses
I'm off baby duty (sorta off anyway, cuz you're never really off) and it flips a hurry-up-and-sleep switch.

My husband was heroically understanding and held me until I passed put
in his arms, which took approximately 30 seconds.

Damn, the last week and a half has really wrung me out and the next 2
1/2 will probably, too. Thank god my parents are nearby to help when
I'm alone with Hollis.

And damn, I sure am going to miss my man...

Wish I felt 100% human again. Here's to hoping.


  1. Oh darlin', I could've written the exact same post, on the same day. I too went on a date last night with my husband and I too was yawning through the meal. He wanted to go for a drink afterwards but I was afraid I'd fall face-first into my beer so told hime I'd rather just go home and get to bed. Thankfully he was understanding as well, and got up with the baby too when he woke up at 4.45am. Yikes!

    It will be tough on your own for two weeks but you'll survive. Check out my list of 101 ways to entertain a toddler for some ideas if you get stuck http://noblesavage.me.uk/2009/02/08/101-sanity-saving-toddler-time-wasters/

  2. You look so cute!

    DH and I went on a date night last october to see a movie, and I also was falling asleep. I had to keep waking myself up because I was afraid I would start snorting or snoring in my sleep. LOL