Why do models have to be rail thin?

I just stumbled across an online Victoria's Secret pictorial and I'm curious: why do the powers that be think that showing their wares on tall, rail-thin women, who arch their backs and stick our their butts to get the illusion of curves, will actually get the average woman to the store? Is it because they think WE think we'll look like that if we buy it? I mean, will I look like this girl if I buy this thong? Will it look like that on my butt?? Will my butt become a perky present and my eyes get big like saucers?

Ugh. I just get so upset at the constant barrage of images of thin, thin, thin, toned, toned, toned, smooth, smooth, smooth ALL the flippin' time. When I let my guard down I am exhausted and sad. I try so hard every day to not buy into that bullshit, but it is relentless. If Dove didn't make me break out when I used it, I'd buy stock in the company just to say thanks for their curvy women ads.

I feel as though I'm in a life long Battle of the Bulge, pun intended. Why can't just one, ONE high end designer introduce a woman that would be considered beautiful before mainstream media existed? A woman who was soft looking, had rounded shoulders, an ample bosom and bottom. No clavicles, no sharp-edged shoulders, no pelvic bones. Think, "More cushion for the pushin'," and go from there.

I'd even say, Ok, go ahead and maker her 5' 11" if you have to, but keep her soft looking and don't call her "plus sized, fat, or overweight" and don't call the clothing she's wearing anything other than your designs. No, "A|X|+", Bagdley Mischka Speciale, or Mike Kors or something to let everyone know that she's wearing a "big girl" size.

That way one chubby little girl who loved fashion might see a realistic image associated with power, art, style, world-travel, and desirability. And she'd see her pudgy arms and round face and think, "Hey, the world thinks I'm beautiful just like my momma says!" and I could think, "Wow, we're making progress after all these years of starvation!"

Is it really necessary to show clothes on women who probably have them all pinned in the back? And I'm not hating on skinny ladies, because I know you are real people with hearts and sometimes get a bad rap from the rest of us with size complexes, but I'm just saying that the reason they're called "Super Models" is because there are only, like 12 of them in the whole world, so why are we seeing them everywhere? Technically, they're more rare than a shark attack and as fleeting as Big Foot. We shouldn't be seeing this as normal.

It makes me so sad that we all buy into this over and over. I know of no woman who loves her body, not even the tall, skinny ones. What has happened to us??


  1. I completely agree. I have also been extremely frustrated lately trying to shop for clothing. I wear a 14, which is usually the top size or maybe just above the top size (some stop at a 12) for regular clothing and the bottom of the sizing for plus size.

    If I find a "regular" 14, I am lucky. The racks are covered in XS and S, in Size 0 and 2. It is ridiculous. Unfortunately, there is less available in plus size and I often find the Size 14 in plus size fits big.

    I think I have a very normal body. The clothing industry evidently feels differently.

  2. I think Marilyn had the best body, ever. She was stunningly beautiful... I used to be obsessed with her! Victoria Secret models are totally unrealistic, for sure. But man, some are so pretty. Don't forget it's a great photographer working with them, make-up artists, hair, lighting, etc... I will never be a size 2 or 4 or 6 and I don't want to be, either... I would love to be more toned, though, and I'd love to lose another 15 pounds. BUT. I do agree, the pressure to be thin thin thin is horrible... this is one reason I'm glad I don't have a daughter - being a teenager must be harder today than ever before... or maybe the pressure was alwasy there?

  3. @Annie - I didn't even start the rant on the sizing structures. I think there should be a global standard and every manufacturer should stick to it. I want to be a 12 everywhere I go. I also want to NOT be considered a national average due to my size, but fall at the very end of size availability.

    I'm exactly like you (at a size 12): I can rarely find a 12 in a store, but the plus size stores are waaay too big, too.

    @Loukia - Is there even a current star who looks like us?? America Ferrera slimmed down to a size 8 and she was touted as "real" prior to that.... who else??

  4. I don't get it either... it is really, really frustrating. I want to say that it hurts young women because they all starve themselves to try to look like the models they see in advertisements, but really, IT NEVER STOPS. I'm freaking 36 and I'm still trying to lose weight to get down to a size 8. Why can't i be happy as a 12?

    I loooooove that Dove is more real in their marketing - and love that they have real women in their ads (that actually look like us!). It's so comforting. And thankfully, I don't break out with their products... so I do use them!

    Great post.

  5. Yes, but are you ready for something REALLY fucked up? I KNOW the dress/boots/thong/whatever being modeled by the impossibly thin/smooth/toned teenager won't make me look the way she looks. But I still want to buy it.

    I feel like I'm falling for the advertising equivalent of "I'll only put it in a little bit..."