How we roll

The city of Austin sent out notices a couple of months about a free
Eco-friendly toilet program. I signed up for it immediately, of
course, and registered for two toilets.

When the official paperwork came in we had to pick them up within days
and have them installed by a certain date (I'm not sure how they'd
check, but I didn't want to press my luck).

After a bit of a rabbit chase to find the warehouse I secured
approximately 8 boxes - 8! - housing various parts of two toilets and
plied my mom and Terry with two night's worth of food if they'd come
help us - er, Anthony - install them.

(Anthony's in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica this week, so I
knew I had to act fast to get it all done before the Toilet Police
came knocking to check if they were installed yet.)

I'm happy to report that installation went off without a hitch.
Unfortunately, in Anthony's haste to install toilets, entertain in-
laws, and pack for an international trip he plopped the old toilets
just outside our back door (for the record I don't blame him). Which,
besides their surprising sight from my kitchen, wouldn't ordinarily
bother me, however, imagine my intense embarrassment when I had to
explain their existence to the AT&T guy yesterday; forget the AT&T
guys digging the hole in my backyard (long story) who'd been walking
by them for 4 days.


Maybe I shoulda played it off as extra seating??


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  2. Better than JUST seating, it doubles as a planter! Imagine Anthony's surprise to come home, lift the lid and find things growing out of the old toilets!! Heehee. :)

  3. I think you should let someone loose with some hand paint and then tell people they are art installations ;-)

  4. One toilet is tacky, but two is design.

    (That's how it works, right?)

  5. haha That's to funny. I say clean them really good and plant some pretty flowers.