A simple bouquet of flowers

I bought Mom some flowers for an early Mother's Day treat tonight and had Hollis holding them on her doorstep when she opened the door.

He stood there frozen in sheer wonderment at the crinkly paper in his arms, the bright, soft petals inches from his face and the delicate smell of lilies in his nose. There was a sweet pause, then he gently dipped his head towards the open faces of the flowers and inhaled.

I think my Mom about died on the spot. She raved for the next hour about how no other gift was necessary, that she had taken the snapshot in her mind and she would treasure it forever.

I'd have to agree. It was by far one of the most precious things I've ever seen with my own eyes. Even though raising a little human is challenging, excruciating, and often utterly exhausting, it's these moments that swing it all back into line. It's why we work so hard, strive for perfection, and do it all for nothing but the love of a babe.

So, here's to flowers and all those other moments that remind us that on the other side of all the decision making and worry of parenthood is the the simple pleasures of watching an innocent move through our world.


  1. Just lovely... he is beyond gorgeous. And yes, moments like the ones you captured are what it's all about it. And so totally worth it. Aww... sweetness!

  2. I am feeling a bit tired and emotional, but... you just made me cry. How beautiful.