Saturday afternoon

Saturday I had hair and doctors appointments and as I ran around town the skies loomed over me dark and heavy, clouds gathering, earth steaming. I breathed in the muggy richness that is Austin and big, fat rain drops fell.

I called home to ask if it was raining there (it's a habit most Austinites do - the rain patterns here are so strange that it can be an utter downpour in north Austin and dry as a bone in south). Anthony said it was beginning to spit. I hung up and went about my errands.

Thirty minutes later, my email account reads that I have several new messages.

This is what met me when I opened my email.

Anthony got that little panda slicker for Hollis while in Japan. Apparently, my little guy was thrilled to wear it out in the rain.

If ever I had to take bets on good vs. evil, I have to say that things like this, moments like these, prove without a doubt that goodness will always prevail in the universe...


  1. He is beyond cute in that little rain slicker! So cute. :) I finally did the q's and a's you tagged me in a while ago! I hope you have a great day... it's a long weekend for us Canadians, so I'm home with my boys today!

  2. Oh how cute. Look how happy he is with the rain landing on him!!

    Stopped by from SITS. You roll called just before me.

    Have a great day.

  3. How sweet is he? My little guy, Moose, is only about 3 months older, I think. I LOVE the panda slicker!!

    Found you via SITS.