Presenting: Darn good blogs

I have a few blogs that I've been visiting regularly lately, and I wanted to share the love. Being relatively new to the whole blogging thing I'm just now getting my sea legs by leaving comments and interacting with other bloggers, and developing a blog-reading routine. I'm finally "getting it."

When Hollis goes down for nap #1 I check in to my email and blog and make the rounds. These are the ones I always hit. They make me cry, laugh, get crafty, get pissed, whatever, and the folks behind it all are intelligent, warm, and receptive.

I'll have to do a "my favorite non-parenting blogs" post another time.

Where do I find the time? Thank goodness for naps, is all I can say.

PS: Thanks, again, NS, for the nod on your list.


  1. Thank you for the mention, Jessica. I think you're wonderful and I love your blog!

  2. Yes me too - thanks for the mention. I am constantly discovering new blogs to read and I end up with so many, I just don't have the time to look at them all. I find it interesting that everyone ends up with a slightly different list of blogs that they visit - there are soooo many out there. Pre-blogging I thought there would be a big hit list of the most popular blogs that everyone reads, but there really isn't. And the number of readers is no indication of how good a blog is. There is certainly a bewildering array of blogs and bloggers out there. If only someone could distil everything that's written in blogworld each week - it would make a bloody good book.

  3. Thanks for the love!

    I was in a routine vis-a-vis the whole blogging/e-mail/blog-reading thing, and then Westley switched from two naps to one and got me all off my game. I don't know how you manage to post as frequently as you do. I feel like I check in pretty frequently, and there's always a couple of new posts!