Horses h u r t

To say that I am sore is an understatement.

I had my first horseback riding lesson in 10 years this afternoon.

Bliss, bliss, sweat, sweat, burn, burn. Repeat.

I can barely move my legs to walk or push on the brake pedal.

It will be sheer force of will that will get me locomotive tomorrow. Really.

Here I am happy, exhausted, and on Cloud Nine with Hollis.

Here I am with cramped leg muscles whose names I don't even know.

They're not my calf muscles, nor my shins, but the ones connected to my ankle bones that go up on the sides.

And, ohhhhh, how they ache and burn. Like someone grabbed my tendons with a big, beefy fist and ripped them out through my pale skin. Yeah, that kinda sore.

I loved every frickin' second on top of that big, sweaty beast, though. Yessir, I did. Can't wait to do it again. I'm a glutton for punishment, always have been. But I'm sure you already knew that.

I <3 horses.

I <3 Anthony.

I <3 the Anthony who rubs me after I ride horses.

Update: It's day 2 after the ride and I can barely walk. I've never felt the tendons in my groin so acutely before. I feel like a rag doll with only thread keeping my legs attached! hahahaha I still love it, though. My wrists now hurt and some weird inner muscle around my center. My body is a mysterious puzzle it seems!


  1. Love the pic of you and Hollis! Glad you had fun. Even though you're so totally sore.. hope your soreness is mostly gone by tomorrow... so you can have a pain-free Mother's Day! xo

  2. I used to ride horses on a regular basis but only get to do it every couple years now. You're right, the soreness from horse-riding is like no other. I think even my eyebrows were sore after the last time. Glad you had a good time though.