The Bunny Chronicles

My step-dad's mother, Dorothy, lives alone in Sedalia, MO. This past Christmas, while in Kansas City, we made the hour and a half trip to visit her with Hawk. She had Maxwell House coffee hot and ready for us and boxes of assorted cookies. It was one of the highlights of our trip. She's always been so sweet to and supportive of us.

Yesterday, Hawk got a package from Great-grandma Dorothy that included bunny ears.

Yep! Bunny ears!

Hawk was enthralled with them the second he caught his reflection in our computer screen (it's freakin' huge). (WARNING:What ensued is majah cuteness, so be warned. You may vomit from the adorableness of it all):

As any good bunny knows, it's important to read the paper!

But you gotta check out your style, too.

Then touch your ears.

But then you gotta finish up with the paper.

Once the paper is read, you must go hunt cats.

Whoa! There's one! Hi, Digby!

Cat-hunting is tiring, so then you gotta find a comfy chair.

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo...

Mission accomplished: Defcon 1 Cuteness confirmed.


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