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Many of you know that I've been drinking the Apple kool-aid for a while now.  Even so, I cringe when Steve Jobs throws out new buzzwords.  One from a long while ago was "Digital Lifestyle."  There were a number of products whose purpose was to enhance my Digital Lifestyle (as long as I purchased them, of course).

Yesterday, I realized that there's some truth behind the buzz.  Like it or not, Apple has created a bunch of products that work really well together.  My mission: to create a nauseatingly sappy ringtone for my iPhone from recordings of Hollis.  Google led me to instructions in about 10 seconds.

I had a copy of Garageband (recording and mixing software) from work, and it took about 30 seconds to figure out how to record Hollis.  Editing and looping took about another minute, and the "Send Ringtone to iTunes" option finished off the process.  Total time was seriously less than 5 minutes.

Now whenever Jessica calls, I get Hollis giggling.  In the wings I've got two other ringtones: one of Hollis going, "blahblahBLAHblahlblah" and another of him saying, "dada....DADA!".

Isn't it cool how easy it is to make your coworkers sick?  I love it!

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