New things

At the park walking distance from Mom's.

New things in our household:

- All baby words starting with the letter B. That'd be "bah," "buh," "baa," and "bay," which roughly translates to "ball," "bird," "bath," and "baby." I think.
- Interest in using a spork at mealtimes.
- Haircuts.
- Going "bye bye."
- Cleaning like me and using the very fun and wonderful tools to do so such as: the broom, vacuum cleaner, duster, and cloths.
- Very little tripping on rough terrain.
- Interest in books.
- More teeth.
- Showing of genuine affection towards us.
- Sincere gentleness with people and animals, not just a light baby's touch because he's not in control of the exertion, but a deliberate soft touch.
- Sense of humor. Particularly being able to laugh at himself when the joke's on him. My personal fav: giving him his paci, but yanking it away at the last minute. Ooh! We get some good laughs from that!
- Solid nights of sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.
- Facing forward in the car seat.
- Recognizing places we're going and showing anticipation.

:: I have to interrupt this current post to say that Anthony is pelting me with incessant questions about what I'm writing about. He's worried I'm going to tell the world that he cannot finish a home improvement project to save his life and that I am busy putting it out into the ether. Well, I'm not. But I kinda just did. And actually, he's currently beginning to finish a project he and his dad started approximately 2 1/2 years ago. Yeah, Anthony! I'm quite happy about it, actually, but we'll see if it gets completed in less than a year - although, I'm crossing my fingers for 4 weeks, and praying for a weekend. ::

- Naps are regular and well accepted.
- Anthony and I get up at 6 almost every day to do yoga or pilates (although, while I was sick we didn't)
- I was reminded why I go to therapy still. And not in a bad way, but because I had an "Aha moment," as Oprah would say.
- Anthony grew a beard and just because I begged him to.
- My sister is one tough cookie, but like a cookie done right, she's soft and chewy on the inside.
- I realized again that my mom is an advocate for those without a voice through her investigative work at the Board of Nursing.
- Terry is bound and determined to keep learning from the School of Life and the World and I think it's inspiring.
- I've discovered some awesome parks.
- I forgot and remembered how much is too much when it comes to me and Alkie Hall.
- Anthony got his Diddy Wings.
- Real life goes on. And on.
- San Francisco is my heart and on my mind.

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