Speaking of politics...

This is really Jessica's blog, so I don't want to throw too much of my own agenda in here, but today was a pretty momentous day.  I don't know about you all, but I'm a little surprised at my own feelings.

- I actually wanted to watch the inauguration today.  I haven't wanted to watch a political event for as long as I can remember.

- I find myself actually caring about my country again.  Not to rant too much, but I've felt pretty out of touch with the direction that the ol' USofA has been going the past 8 years.

- Oddly enough, I care about our new president and his family as people.  Tonight I read that the Obamas attended 10 (ten!) inaugural balls.  My first thought was, "Oh, the poor things!  I hope they get enough rest!"  What's up with that?  And how cute are their little girls!

Maybe it's my age, and I'm sure the changing political climate has something to do with it, but I'm actually excited about politics for once.  Maybe I'll be disappointed again, or just maybe we'll be able to make some changes this time around.  We'll see...


  1. I've felt the same way about politics this year. I usually despise politics and hate election season. But, this year, I've been so enamored with the entire process! Yes, the Obama family seem so very "real" and I truly believe in all that Obama stands for. He "speaks" to me. I hope the corruption of Washington doesn't get in the way of CHANGE.

  2. How funny! I thought the same thing about their 10 balls - eesh!

  3. Late to the party... but I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments and Carolyn's.

    And please take this as the high compliment it's intended to be...reading your posts about each other (and Anthony's comment on one of Jessica's posts to assuage her self-doubt), your connection leaps off the computer screen in much the same way as the Obamas'. Really, it's to be both admired and envied.

    Also: y'all said 'balls.'