When was the last time you felt like shit? How did you behave? Were you mopey? Bitchy? Shitty? Irritable? Well, I can tell you the last time I felt like crap I was mostly irritable. I figured I was allowed to when my stomach had been hurting for days on end for no apparent reason.

My little baby, however, has a very different take on being ill. On Monday he got his first fever ever and what did the little guy do? Nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, he was just a tad quieter, but his natural curiosity and good nature never got dampened by the fever. He was more willing to sit in my lap while he drank ice water, for instance.

I find it so interesting that I can find some kind of life lesson in just about everything Hollis does and he's just existing! He's not thinking about what he's doing, he's just doing it! That in itself is something to think about - I can go round and round about this.

Here he is in his beautiful pink muu-muu playing and watching the Olympics with us. He's probably feeling better due to some help from some Ibuprofen, but he's still not 100%. How cute is that?

Anyway, what a good reminder that just because you may feel like shitballs, doesn't mean that you have to make everyone else around you feel it to (note to self).

And what a good reminder that sometimes people need a little extra from you even if you might not feel like giving it or it might not be convenient (I already got that "note to self").

And what a good reminder that this little person that I chose to bring into this world really can count on me and that despite my inexperience I really can take care of him.


  1. Sounds like you are taking care of each other, huh?

    I've still got you in my thoughts while you're in the hospital -- maybe you did have god reason to be something more than cranky?

    But the full-body shot of Hollis in the pink muu-muu. That's gotta be worth, like, 2000 pounds of cure right?

  2. that picture scared me because it looks like he's on his knees at first glance...i was like NO HE CANNOT BE THIS TALL YET