1 & 2. A day late

I take a picture pretty much every day anyway. Who cares if I'm a day behind this whole Pic-a-Day-in-February thing?

1. All 36 years of me.  Word up, yo.

2. Chin chin.

I launched my private practice website yesterday.  Now I hurry up and wait.  It's built.  I hope they come.  I feel good.  Fucking free.  Relieved.  Everything good imaginable.  

My mom is in the hospital.  She went in to get a tendon severed in her hip, stayed the night, then had difficulties breathing.  She's doing a little better, but will likely be in the hospital another day or more.  Terry and I have visited the past two days, Rooster is there with Hawk now.  I have to say he's the best ex-son-in-law on the planet.  They love him.  I hope he loves them, too.

Ok, back to that glass of wine now in my fancy little glass I bought from World Market.  I just lurv things with filigree on it.

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  1. Nice to see your face!

    I hope you mom is doing well.