It's my birthday, yo

And it's been a spectacular one so far.  It started last night with hanging with a friend, continued this morning with Hawk belting out "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" a thousand times and punctuating each exclamation with a running leap into my arms, not one, but TWO cards from Rooster (one from him and one from Hawk - something that has only happened a couple of times), an amazing breakfast at one of my favorite places in Austin, a bloody mary, and lastly so far, a nap at Rooster's apartment to sleep off the booze while he watched Hawk for me.

And it isn't even 3 o'clock yet.

Tonight girlfriends are coming over with an "early autumn" themed potluck and lots of wine and I've been instructed to do nothing except be 35.  Tomorrow is breakfast at my mother's.  The rest of the weekend is wide open and I'm looking forward to starting this year off surrounded by good people, my dearest wee one, and a new outlook.

So, cheers, everyone!! 

Upper and downer. The mark of a balanced breakfast.

Hawk being a pirate.

Hawk sat there with this card open for 10 minutes listening to the 
pirates talk about "yer booty."  It was a peaceful 10 minutes, I 
gotta tell ya.

Despite our current situation, the man knows me well.  I love cards 
with glitter and things stuck on them.  Not to mention the image is 
pretty much me the past few weeks.

Crab cake quiche Eggs Benedict.  Mmm.

They all arrived at around 7 with arms full of food, flowers, and booze.  Then they hugged me and gave me kisses and laughed a few hours away with me.  It was a wonderful way to end my birthday.   (I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of everyone - one friend had to go home early to run 9 miles at 5 am!)  Thank you, you guys!!  You made my birthday end on a terrific note!

Two of my friends got me the same card.  They know me well.

Digby was not to be ignored.


  1. Enjoy the shit out of today!! You absolutely deserve it.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! These pictures are great, especially the crab Benedict..err I mean Hollis yeah Hollis is cute

  3. Happy, happy birthday to you!

  4. I'm so glad you had such a fab birthday - you deserve every happiness dammit!!! And don't you forget it.....ever. Can't wait to see you in Austin!!

  5. Happy birthdayyy! For yesterday :L

  6. how awesome! hope you had a super-duper day ~ every birthday should involve wine, crab cakes, and good friends :)

  7. Sounds like the set up to a great weekend! I bet you had a lot of fun!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!

    God, seriously, you and I could def be besties :)
    also, I LOVE south congress cafe!