When bad things happen to good brain cells

Yesterday I checked on the status of a couch I ordered from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago. It's supposed to make our office into a more comfortable guest room, natch. It's been on backorder since January and I've been checking in on it periodically never noticing one fatal flaw (until yesterday, that is ): the shipping address is wrong.

And not only is it wrong, it's REALLY, REALLY WRONG. It's my sister's OLD apartment address. In CALIFORNIA! I live in TEXAS!!

My stomach clenched and I wanted to barf and laugh all at the same time. And just my luck, this weeks-long backorder was now over and the damn couch went on a truck on Thursday!! FIVE DAYS AGO!! I sent an email immediately highlighting my error (and utter inability to check the details) and tried to just forget about it. It's not the end of the world if I end up having to pay shipping fees. Well, it's not terrific news, but whatever. It could be worse.

I called them this morning and they'll see what they can do. I'm not very optimistic. I think some stranger is gonna be lounging on my couch looking out over the Bay.


Later, I ran to the grocery store to pick up toilet paper and olive oil. Just those two things. And of course I left with $88 worth of other "necessities." Among them was a bottle of sparkling water and some cranberry juice.

Behold my booty:

Besides the fact that they are paper towels, spring water, and pomegranate juice I think I did ok. At least I also scored some much needed cheesy poofs along the way and I managed to make it home.

To my house.

Ugh. Someone just shoot me now.

UPDATE: Yay!!!! Urban Outfitters called me back today (3/9) to say my couch is still at their shipping hub... in North Carolina!! Woohoo! That means I don't have to pay any extra shipping, some hipster in San Fran isn't lounging on my couch, and I have somehow redeemed myself!!


  1. Sometimes I get so excited about buying something that I forget to check the delivery address too. And our telephone company, who we have been with for years, recently decided to start writing to us in France at an address currently occupied by the former owners of our house. Make any sense to you? Nor me.

  2. OH NO!!!! That totally SUCKS about the address!! Surely it will get to its rightful home eventually...

  3. I hope everything works out with the couch!

  4. I did this with pictures I ordered on Walmart.Com! I didn't make sure the billing address was the same as my shipping address, and I did the site to store option. My pictures made it to the Walmart in Ohio, not here in SoCal. I asked my mother to pick them up for me and forward them onto me and she never did, even after I nagged her continuously about it. I'm sure they've pitched them by now. It was in December.

  5. Gah! I hope that your couch arrives safe and sound at your house soon, with minimal hassle and expense.

  6. OK- that's a bad day. I hope the couch finds it's way to you. Check with someone because mistake or not, it could be considered theft if they keep it. That might help you get it back.
    Despite the fact that I constantly recheck my info anytime I make an order, I can totally see something similar happening to me! HA

  7. The address thing is so totally something I would do. I hope you are able to get it sorted out quickly (and cheaply!).

    Wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for an award over at my blog. :)