Wordless Wednesday: My days and nights

:: January 31 ::

9:27 pm

:: February 2 ::

:: February 3 ::

:: February 5 ::

:: February 7 ::


:: February 9 ::

:: February 10 ::


  1. Wow. You're a great photographer... love how you captured your days and nights. Sweet baby boy you have, too. :)

  2. those were some really cool photos. how do you get them so color saturated? i especially love the outdoor shots - very vivid and go'geous!

  3. @OneSided, Thanks! Actually, it's an iPhone app for most of them. I have Camerabag and I'm using different effects such as Helga, Colorblock, and Lolo (don't ask me what they mean). The others I used iPhoto editing. I just used the effects tool and first I faded the image about 5 shades, then I boosted the color of that shade anywhere between 2-5 shades. That darkened the edges and shadows and also made things more crisp. Does that answer your question? Or did I just speak gobbledygook?? haha

  4. Love the jammies and glasses!!

  5. I love all your pictures! Your little guy is so cute!

  6. I LOVE this post!! I had to laugh out loud while scrolling down, it's so familiar :-) They really fill our days, don't they? Time-wise, at least.