Single and childless, on day 6 Momma...

... was so painfully tired that she fell asleep on the couch at 5:30 pm; eventually put herself to bed at 9:30 pm.
... woke up with tractor marks on her palm at 8 am.
...watched two movies before 11 am because that was all the energy she could muster.
... finished a project she started one year ago.
... broke down the baby gate and Hollis' "zone" because he's out grown it.
... felt sad that her baby is leaving her by imperceptible inches.
... went through all her boxes of old baby clothes; organized them and reboxed them for distribution to the two new baby boys in her life. Something that would have been virtually impossible with a two-year old involved.

... visited her best friend for a wee bit.
... ate nothing but pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
... took a pain pill because of back pain with zero guilt about feeling loopy from it.
... feels extreme happiness at the prospect of the reunion tomorrow, but also just a dash of sadness for not getting a couple of more days alone. She's not quite ready to re-enter real life.
... feels more human than she did on Days 4 and 5 where she thought she was going to die of exhaustion.
... took the trash can to the curb like a big girl.
... went to bed thinking of these photos:


  1. Seriously, I think Mamas run on high levels of endorphins / adrenaline and as soon as the brain fully accepts that there is time off being on 24 hour watch, it tells the body to crash, and crash hard while it can. I hope it rejuvenates you!

  2. Aww! Those last 2 photos are so sweet!
    I've gotta go through my baby boy stuff too, and baby girl, and toddler boy and girl... but that explosion of clothes is exactly why I haven't. Glad to hear you were able to finish the job!