Single and childless for a week, on Day 1 Momma...

... loads the dish washer with the "special" knives not usually allowed in it.
... doesn't make the bed.
... drinks as much wine as she wants.
... drags in the litter box from the garage because now there's no threat of turds ending up a) hurled all over the house or b) ingested.
... thinks she hears her Sweet Baby Hollis making snuffling sleeping noises in the other room.
... has to stop herself from "peaking in" on SBH sleeping every time she walks by his closed door.
... calms down a harried and desperate husband at 11:30 EST as she can hear her toddler thrashing around desperately exhausted and under the weather in the background.
... sleeps with a tractor and a Horse.
... wakes up at 4:15 am for NO REASON WHATSOEVER.
... watches endless makeup tutorials care of Pixiewoo (and FashionFace.tv).
... drinks an entire pot of coffee by herself before 9 am.
... unlocks all the magnetic child-safety locks on the doors and cabinets.
... gets a 10 am phone call telling her not to worry about a bruise that may show up on her baby's head. He "just fell down the stairs, but he's fine."
... continued to use the magnet key to unlock the previously unlocked drawers.
... had a midday anxiety attack because, well, WHAT IS SHE SUPPOSED TO DO???
... didn't get showered and dressed until after 4 pm.
... was grateful for that much because the neighbors stopped by for a chat.
... FREAKED when she saw this because it does NOT look like "a bruise on his head," it's a fucking BLACK EYE:

... received a lovely afternoon update that all was well in Boston; naps, snacks, and hijinx had been had with no more bruising to the body, just lost boots and a smashed finger.
... rocked her makeup from her inspiring makeup tutorials.
... ate shrimp and grits at chez Mrs. Jesse James' with a dear old friend.
... missed Levi something fierce after driving by an old duplex they lived in together.
... was home by 10.
... desperately missed her boys.


  1. Sounds like a good day! When my family is out of the house I always have to use the first portion doing either nothing or only things I like for myself. Keep up the good work!

  2. oh holy crap, that is totally a black eye! love the dad understatement rule. guess they're making men (lord help us). i love this list and would probably spend a day to myself much like yours minus the makeup tutorial. nothing can help my stuck in the 90s eye shadow application. : )