Eight years ago

The world changed irreparably 8 years ago.

The following year, with $.99 Lady of Guadalupe candle in hand, I sat
below Stevie and sadly watched the Austin skyline, wondering what was
happening to our world.

I haven't visited this spot on any other anniversary, but felt
compelled to today.

It's still my favorite view of the city; jackhammers ting in the
distance, wet dogs run amok on the trails with their owners and
boaters skim along the river. It's Austin life.

And I'm sharing it with Hollis today because I need to be reminded of
this city's unique character and the general goodness of people living
their everyday lives to the best of their abilities.

So here's to you, my fellow brothers and sisters. I'm glad you're here.


  1. I love that particular spot as well.

    And I'm glad you're here too. Thanks for posting this today...