New found dexterity

Hollis has learned how to pick his nose. He's also come up with a
word for it somewhat reminiscent of the actual word.

Just yesterday he came running up to me yelling, "Buuhbuuh!
Buuhbuuh!". Since it's such a new word in his vernacular I had to ask
him to show me what he was so excited about.

He grasped my finger and led me to our over-stuffed chair and there on
a dark orange button was a bright yellow booger the size of a pea.

He was squealing with excitement that I had discovered his treasure
and yelling triumphantly "Buuhbuuh!" over and over.

I couldn't help but laugh as I cleaned it up, quietly grossing out at
its close resemblence to a grown up's nose candy (gag).

And tonight we're at my mom's because Anthony is somewhere over the
Atlantic right now and my throat is sore and I need a litlte relief.
Hollis is clean and polished to a glossy baby sheen with Grandma's
favorite lavender scented baby lotion while he continues to delight in
the wonders of his nose. Oh! What a nose!!

He then insists that I swiftly dispose of whatever he finds. At least
he's not eating them, right?

It just gets grosser from here on out, doesn't it?


  1. My 23 month old just started doing this. She has yet to find anything, that I'm aware of, but she has manages to give herself a bloody nose on more than one occasion. She's digging hard.

  2. Ah yes, the BOOGIE - if only it were more elusive. I'm not sure when it happened, but I became official nose picker for both my children. They can't even be bothered to pick their own noses - that's how spoiled they are. They just let me know when they need my services. I had no idea I would be picking three noses in my lifetime. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

  3. Ick. Ick. Triple ick. And yes, it gets a lot grosser. A LOT.

  4. It does get grosser. But the good news is that eventually it also gets better. They learn to wipe their own butts, they stop picking their noses in front of other people, they learn how to eat properly. You might be heading into the valley of grossness, but on the other side lies the promised land.

  5. LOL, this made me laugh :-D And yes, be very glad he's not eating them. that's the grossest thing ever.

  6. My daughter has started eating them. All in good time my friend, all in good time.