Date night at the Alamo

Anthony and I have been pretty good recently about having date nights. Somehow, him being gone more frequently causes us to be more diligent about spending time alone together. Like tonight, for example. I wore my $20 Old Navy dress and $300 Frye's boots (nothing like mixing it up, right?) and we went to the Alamo Draft House at the Village.

For those of you not lucky enough to have an Alamo near you, it's a dinner theater here in Austin. You can order drinks, food, appetizers, you name it, all while sitting in a comfy theater chair and watching a movie. Tonight, we watched G.I. Joe (it was 'aight).

And I had some lovely glasses of wine and a delectable pizza called Wild At Artichoke Hearts. Yeah. Can you say, "YUM!"? We came home after that and chilled and I am currently pondering the state of my plump little navel.

It's funny how we - we meaning everyone - need "date nights." Our lives get so hectic that it's a requisite part of a relationship these days. I'm ok with it, totally, it just make me go, "Hmmm," that's all.

So, I'm gonna sit here and continue to sip on some lovely red wine and think about the universe and love and relationships and how awesome it is that my honey is asleep in the other room safe and sound. Then I'll think some more about the state of everything afar and sunder and how I'm damned lucky that I don't have some evil serum injected into my body that makes me do things out of character like blow up the Eiffel Tower or my friend's face. And then I'm gonna be really, really happy about it and my funky life as matron of honor.

I forgot to add that we got this text about a minute after the movie started from my mom:
Momentous moment: h pooped in the bathtub!!! It was a log, just like a babyruth, OMG. He kept calling it "BeBe" & grabbing his butt. It took me awhile to catch on to what was happning. The grunting was the real give away.......
Momentous moment indeed!!


  1. I love that you come across drunk with happiness in the latter half of this post. Thanks for including the momentous moment! Just a bonus :-)

  2. i LIVE In frye boots...you guys are too friggin' cute.

    and, your momentous moment was classic and much-appreciated by someone who loves, loves, loves poop stories.